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Welcome to Missy Ave. Clothing! The store started in 2019 and although we have a long way to go, we want to take you with us.

Our goal is pretty simple: empowering women through their fashion expression and that's why we promote Confidence in style. We live by it.

Want to join?

We pay 15% on ambassador referred sales

We'll give you a $10 bonus for the first referral who uses your personal link and completes a purchase and then 15% commission thereafter so you can earn some $$$ and have fun while doing what you do


**You must first complete a purchase to be eligible or your application will not be considered.

All commissions will be validated on a 30-day period and reserves the right to decline commission on all returned goods. You are subject to becoming ineligible if your personal link is not used atleast one time within the first 30 days after you become an Ambassador.

What's next?

Websites, blogs, social handles, you name it, all are welcome!

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